The starting hand in poker

Hide this note for the strategic game of poker are the “Start manual” and the “Position” are important factors in order for the game to be able to decide for themselves. Just at the start of the beginners make hands and position a few error because it with full enthusiasm want to take part in the game. This is too often too many hands are played. The most important decision is starting hand with which should be played and how when you play what position should be taken. Only then should the decision be made on which position you at the poker table.

The decision on the starting hands and the position are directly connected with each other. Before a starting hand is played, should absolutely be decided in what position it to the Dealer is sitting. You sit close to the dealer, so one has a “Early Position” and you need a very strong hand in order to be able to continue playing. This position will have the first three players to the left of the “big blind”. As a “middle” position will be the next five players and the “Late Position” covers the last two players.

at the “Early Position” are the starting hands, AA KK, AK same color is strong enough to keep up with the other players go to can.

In the “middle” position, you can start with the hands like for example with the pairs of nines or eighth in any case with the other players to compete. But also starting hands as colored AJ or also A10 and so on if you are on the “Late Position, you can use an A and any of the same color card, K10 same color, Q10 same color, J10 same color, AJ, A10 and with every low couple go. The whole article on

For each item should be observed, that cards, such as for example A with a low kicker or different colored cards are usually a case and sooner or later lead to lose money. The starting hands and position are therefore decisive for further progress in the game. Especially beginners of the game of poker should be self-discipline, carefully to play and so a feeling for the right starting hands and positions. Start now.

Betway – New promotions

The next big event in sport is on the plan. In Rio, the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. It should be for the soccer games to a 0:0 Come and therefore the game in a zero number ends, is the Bookmaker Betway offer its customers a refund.

In the first game, the German footballers already a draw against the title defender Mexico earn. Since the first tournament participation in the year 1988 You could for the first time with a victory to the tournament start. Against Mexico succeeded in a 2:2 By Gnarby and Ginter.
The action of Betway in detail

Customers who benefit from the Betway action, you can be on the Action page of the bookmaker to log in. Then a bet on “exactly” or “score” bet on any football game of the olympic games set. If the game 0:0 ends, a customer can refund your use of up to 25 euro in the form of a Free Bet. The minimum stake for this action is 5 Euro per player. It can only single bets before the start of the games set to be accepted.

The offer is only valid for the following markets: exact result, 1. Scorer, scorer in the regular game, next goal scorer and last scorer. The bets placed on the market 1. Scorer – money back if your player later in the game,” do not apply for this offer. The same applies to services such as improved accumulators, as special quotas apply and not intended for this action.

More Bonus Details

With this action can be a free bet per game and Customer assigned or won. If more than one bet has been placed for this offer, the bookmaker Bet with the highest use. It is a bet on as a “push”, or by cash out, it cannot be evaluated for the offer be accepted. The reimbursement will be made in the form of a free bet which 100 percent of the use of the lost bet, but a maximum of up to 25 euros. The offer can be up to 20. August 2016. Betway also offer Casino:

The Free Bet will expire after 7 days. These can only be used as a whole. The Free Bet, the customer can not be used for multi-to place bets. When customers see a bet, their use with a free bet was settled, canceled, the use of the bet in the form of a free bet on the customer account. Before a payment is made, the bookmaker of the customer on the game rule fair gaming behavior. Customers in the following countries can participate in the action does not take part: Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. More aboz Casinos on

ComeOn: Free Bet

The Bookmakers are there in abundance. It is therefore not surprising if this again and again with actions curls, to differentiate yourself from your competition. The betting provider come on offers its players currently the participation at the Free Bet Club.

For this, customers can participate, each week in the ranking rise and thus free bets win. The participation is both for existing customers as well as new customers. Then players have the possibility of weekly 10 to 2,000 euro to win.

Participation in the ComeOn Free Bet Club

Who would like to secure a weekly bonus, which must be the bookmaker ComeOn create an account. The offer can be of inventory as well as new customers. A registration is very quick and easy to perform, so that potential customers here at no great difficulties. After the registration you can players within a week of the bookmaker Bet as much as you want, in order to ascend in fidelity ranking. The maximum bet credit can 2,000 Euro.

The betting increases the opportunities to obtain higher betting credit. In general, players on betting balances between 10 and 2,000 Euro. The prize money is to be able to win the login to the bookmakers are absolutely necessary. If the action is a kind of loyalty program, which is not to be sneezed. Because only the number of bets shall decide whether and how the customer in the ranking ascend. Betting markets, minimum quotas or other aspects of this action does not apply, because they are not part of the bonus terms and conditions. The only condition is: “Set within a week as much as possible to climb in our loyalty ranking on the next level”. The award of the free betting credit is always carried out on the Monday of the next week.

Further actions of the bookmaker

ComeOn as customers can be informed about other actions of the bookmaker to look forward to. In addition to the Free Bet Club is also a new bonus offers. This promises 7 Euro for free, when the registration with the bookmakers took place. New customers can be 7 Euro Free starting credit and up to 100 percent up to 100 euro on your first deposit.

In order to ensure the full control over the bets, in connection also the Cash-Out function of the betting provider. With this you can customers even before the start of the game the retain control over your bet and minimize losses. It is possible to pay the profits prematurely. The Cash-Out function is extended for both single and multi bets available. More on