The starting hand in poker

Hide this note for the strategic game of poker are the “Start manual” and the “Position” are important factors in order for the game to be able to decide for themselves. Just at the start of the beginners make hands and position a few error because it with full enthusiasm want to take part in the game. This is too often too many hands are played. The most important decision is starting hand with which should be played and how when you play what position should be taken. Only then should the decision be made on which position you at the poker table.

The decision on the starting hands and the position are directly connected with each other. Before a starting hand is played, should absolutely be decided in what position it to the Dealer is sitting. You sit close to the dealer, so one has a “Early Position” and you need a very strong hand in order to be able to continue playing. This position will have the first three players to the left of the “big blind”. As a “middle” position will be the next five players and the “Late Position” covers the last two players.

at the “Early Position” are the starting hands, AA KK, AK same color is strong enough to keep up with the other players go to can.

In the “middle” position, you can start with the hands like for example with the pairs of nines or eighth in any case with the other players to compete. But also starting hands as colored AJ or also A10 and so on if you are on the “Late Position, you can use an A and any of the same color card, K10 same color, Q10 same color, J10 same color, AJ, A10 and with every low couple go. The whole article on

For each item should be observed, that cards, such as for example A with a low kicker or different colored cards are usually a case and sooner or later lead to lose money. The starting hands and position are therefore decisive for further progress in the game. Especially beginners of the game of poker should be self-discipline, carefully to play and so a feeling for the right starting hands and positions. Start now.